Modular is not the Same as Manufactured

A common question I get from customers and friends is, “How does a modular home differ from a manufactured home?” A manufactured home (also commonly referred to as a “mobile home” or “HUD home”) is very different from a modular home. To start with, manufactured homes do not need to meet local construction requirements/codes. Manufactured homes adhere to a much more relaxed set of regulations. Modular homes meet and exceed all local building codes of the area they are set in. Manufactured homes are typically composed of just one core unit. Our modular homes are typically  composed of around 2-5 core units that are shipped separately and joined together at your build site. Modular homes can be 500 sq. ft. or 5,000 sq. ft. and there are no limitations to how they can look.

Modular is Custom

Modular building does not limit the design of your home. If you can do it the traditional way (stick built), you can also do it the modular way. A modular home is built very similar to a traditional built (stick built) home, with the added benefit of having the majority of the building process take place in a sheltered setting.

The Unique Advantages of Modular

The efficient process of modular construction allows us to save on labor by having craftsmen specialize in components of the build process. The modular construction process allows for greater oversight and inspection procedures as construction takes place. The ability to construct the home off site reduces construction time by allowing the sight to be prepped at the same time the building is being constructed.


More questions about the modular process? 

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